Worrying Worksheets

I’m offering FREE PDF templates, journal prompts and worksheets to all of my readers as a means of getting in touch & tackling our everyday worries . A lot of these prompts can be done in just 5-10 minutes, so I encourage all of you to take the time to dissect your feelings, set goals and celebrate your accomplishments!

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Self-Care Workbook

I’ve made my 20 page workbook FREE for you to properly stay on the path to self-love!

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TheWorryingWife Workbook

My first workbook will hopefully allow you to become more organised, goal oriented and better at tackling some of the things that keep us worrying. It holds all of my original worksheets plus a little bit more!

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Daily Countdown

I created this countdown prompt so that in just a few minutes of your busy morning & evening routines you can reflect on your goals, challenges and positive achievements.

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Breaking Barriers

This worksheet gives you questions to say out-loud or write down to work through and challenge specific barriers you feel are holding you back from moving forward.

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Monthly Reset

Use this two page reset worksheet at the beginning of every month in order to unwind your mind, goals and priorities. Try to pinpoint certain things in every aspect of your everyday living that can be honed in on and developed.

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Decoding Grief

Use these prompts every few days in your grief journey to gain a better understanding of what is working for you and what isn’t.

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Trigger Tracker

Use this worksheet after you have a triggering moment where you know what “set you off”, in order to better understand the emotions you’re feeling and how to have a healthy reaction in the future.

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Productive Prompts

These creative writing prompts give your mind the opportunity to dive into exploration mode and give your over-thinking self time to relax. My advice is a 200-word minimum for responses in order to get deep enough into the prompt and tune out your worries. Use this page to jot down your ideas before you start writing!

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