Hey There!

I’m Melanija K., (Mel-an-ee-ya. Yes…like Mrs. Trump) an expert worrier and new full-time wife.(See what I mean, I even worry you won’t read my name properly)
If you’ve made it to this site, chances are you’re battling life.  Same. Retweet. Sing it from the mountains!
Life has swallowed me whole and spit me back up what feels like a thousand times over. It wasn’t that long ago that I was processing all nonsense thrown my way with the worst coping mechanisms.
I’ve spent years abroad cultivating my own ambitions and falling in love with the inspirational people of the world. You, my family, readers and friends – have inspired me the most. My background in socio-cultural anthropology, international relations and cultural diplomacy you might think, has nothing to do with mindset, wellbeing and running a blog.
Au contraire my worrying champs, it has everything to do with it!
Who is more diplomatic than a wife that’s constantly worrying about everyone and everything?!
Now I’m no expert – I’m just here to support you. After all, this is my own reflective journey on coping with the loss of my father, 6 months after marrying the man of my dreams, picking up and moving back to Canada, and just, overall, hitting that reset button to life.

We’re all on the same road together,

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