Do It With Passion Or Not At All

“Soul-searching” often feels like an endless wave of having the will-power to know that you have an abundance to offer the world met with the wall of being uncertain in how to share what makes your soul sing. 

My insides continue to twist and turn at the very thought of pursuing something I have no guarantee of success in – but if the chaos in my life has taught me anything, then it is that growth ONLY happens once you step out of your comfort zone. 

I, in no way have my passions or purpose set in stone. I believe it’s important to remember that these parts of our life always adapt to our surroundings. My passion for example, is different from what it was a few years ago. Similarly, I know for a fact I haven’t found my purpose … but both continue to be a work in progress. 

As I take it easy and get stronger each day, I find comfort in the fact that I am surviving. Regardless of what obstacles may come in the future, I am CURRENTLY surviving, and that is not a little milestone. 

In order to keep growing, I do believe in having a bit of guidance along the way. After reading countless of books, and streaming podcasts like no tomorrow I’ve found a few questions to help keep my passion and purpose on track – and luckily for you, I am all about sharing that wealth onwards. 

We have to be willing to check in with ourselves because it is so easy to quickly get caught up in the “what’s to come”. 

Your purpose – as I may have mentioned before – lies in the impact you hope to leave behind in the world. In order to find a way, here are three questions to get you started: 

1. What drives you to get out of bed in the morning? Why do you do what you do?

2. What piece of advice do people come to you for? What do you do that helps others along the way?

3. (What I believe to be the most important question) What brings you joy? 

It’s important throughout this entire process to remember to follow a path that leads to where you are celebrated – not where you are tolerated. 

In order to marry your purpose to your passion, we can look at a few more questions: 

1. What is the one thing that you want to do – that you simply can’t stop thinking about doing? 

2. What expertise do you bring to the table? Is there anything you already have experience in? 

3. (…and this overlaps for a reason) What brings you joy? 

This is only the beginning of dissecting your passions and purpose in life but it is a stepping stone. One that you can persistently go back to when life sends you on a rollercoaster that keeps you second guessing. 

I’ve said it once,  and I will say it again. Do what you love because everyone is too busy worrying about themselves to keep tabs on you. Post that picture – share that video – dance your heart away because if people are going to judge you regardless, you might as well be doing something that brings you joy in the meantime. 

If this post has been helpful at all, please don’t hesitate to share or comment below your own thoughts on establishing a plan to pursue your passions and purpose! I would love to hear all of your ideas! 

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