Words Are Powerful. Don’t Let Other People Put Them In Your Head.

Respect the power of words. More importantly, the power of your thoughts – some that you may never even say out loud.

All of them influence our daily actions. Understand that most times we are our own worst critic. The words we use to describe ourselves can either lift us up or completely destroy our well-being.

A friend recently mentioned the power of consistent confidence and when I read those words, I knew EXACTLY what she was feeling. Consistent confidence is something I struggle with probably 4-5 times a week: “Maybe I shouldn’t post that…they’re all going to just make fun of me…but look how successful this person is…” and the list is never ending. I am (trying to) turn over a new leaf where I throw those thoughts out the window. Mainly because I know and understand the harm that those words, even without me saying it out loud, can have in taking a toll on my inner peace, on my business, and on my relationships with those around me.

Pairing this with the criticism we often all receive from the world around us and you have a recipe for disaster if things aren’t dealt with properly. Here’s the thing – you can’t change those around you. Their own experiences have brought them to that very point that has taken a shot at your confidence. But you can work on and “change” yourself. You can learn about how the words that you are using to describe situations around you or yourself are affecting your ability to complete tasks and make the most of every day.

It is very much so, your OWN responsibility to tackle how you speak to yourself, and at the end of the day, how your words may be affecting others around you. It is very easy to simply be unaware. To walk around with other people’s words in our head, taking them at face value as our own and letting their own ideas control our next move and beliefs.

I challenge you, to look at yourself. Look at your own words – how you speak to others, what your mind tells you when receiving criticism and if it is holding you back in any aspect of your life. Challenge yourself to be cautious with your words. Describe yourself, as a human that inevitably will make mistakes, but will not stop fighting to be the best version of yourself. It is a gruelling process to be self-aware, that’s why people often say ignorance is bliss – because it is. If you’re not trying to work on yourself you are just going though life like a Tasmanian devil leaving destruction behind you without even a second thought. It is hard work to be present, but if you are as determined as I am, (which if you’ve even read this far along, I know you are) you will begin to see a positive change in your outlook across so many areas of your life.

We all know it is not enough to say “Think Positively”. In fact that probably never works in any situation unless you are actively making an effort to see the good around us, feel gratitude for every new day given to us and ultimately reap the rewards of working on yourself.

I’ll end off with a bunch of FREE resources to get you tackling your chaos today. 

Always remember that you’re not alone, and we’re all in this battle of life. You are competent enough to face your turmoil head-on. You just gotta take the first step.

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5 thoughts on “Words Are Powerful. Don’t Let Other People Put Them In Your Head.

  1. Well stated, thank you. I’m not a religious person, but I do believe in good versus evil – that’s how I interpret that ongoing battle in my head. Being self critical and critical of others, vengeful and dark versus open, understanding and giving. The dark forces gather more strength around PMS time 🙂. And I have to fight that much harder. It’s the nature of being human. I choose to exercise my free will toward good as often as possible. But whoo sometimes it’s a tough fight. Like many people I can be just as abusive toward myself as I can be in my judgements of others, or moreso.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely love this response! Thank you so much for reaching out on my post! As for the dark forces monthly – my husband senses it before I do 😅 ahahah but yes I believe the first step of being aware of it is KEY to ever being able to tackle it so RIGHT ON!! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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