Congratulate yourself!

Sometimes you’re right where you’re supposed to be. 

Happy New Year to all of my readers! I hope you continue to fight through the nonsense 2020 left behind (or dragged unwillingly into 2021) and continue calming the chaos in your life. 

Every time I was asked about my 2021 resolutions, I realized that they were practically the same as last years. 


Coping in a healthy manner. Working on myself – and my own emotional stability. 

After all, that is what is realistic in my life at the moment. 

I am in full control of how hard I work on myself. That’s not to say I need to beat my self senseless with positive affirmations every day. 

It’s more along the lines of understanding personal boundaries with myself – and with my loved ones. 

2020 changed the world around us. It flipped everything upside down. So it is only logical that 2021 will probably be just as hard, as we settle into new norms and new mannerisms of surviving isolation, lockdowns and restrictions. 

Not one of us was raised exactly the same way. It doesn’t matter if you’re related or not. My sister and I grew up in the same household…with the same parents… and still managed to have totally different childhoods. 

We are all so different from each other – and because of that, it’s absolutely imperative to hold onto understanding. Understanding is what can bring us from conflict to peace. 

If you can understand that we all have our own ideas and experiences that brought us to today, I guarantee you will be able to work towards forgiveness. Of others – but mainly of yourself.  

Forgive yourself for the things you could not know. You are only human after all.

In doing so, you will find that you will be able to react slowly – honestly it’s a game changer when you’re in a bout of emotional turmoil. Think before you speak. Advice we’ve heard for years. But it is true. Just take an extra moment to think things through. Count to ten – if that works for you (it never seemed to work for me, so I began to write).

Write about your own boundaries in situations. Write down ideas on how you wish to react to certain conflicts and work on it. Track your emotions. Find reasons to be grateful. 

Nobody said it would be easy to work on ourselves. But in the new year, keep doing what you need to do for your happiness – and nobody else’s. 

I’ll end off with a bunch of FREE resources to get you tackling your chaos today. 

Always remember that you’re not alone, and we’re all in this battle of life. You are competent enough to face your turmoil head-on. You just gotta take the first step.

20 pages of prompts, trackers, and questions to bring you back to your core!
My newest worksheet designed to help your journey through grief. Analyse your own feelings without judgement!
Break down those pesky barriers that have been holding you back from finding the inner peace you deserve to feel!


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This blog is a means of connecting and sharing experiences through grief and anxiety and how to manage at home during times of uncertainty. 

Please seek the advice and help you need from a medical professional in order to best tackle your own personal struggles and challenges. 

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