26 Life Lessons

In honour of my recent 26th birthday, I’ve compiled a list of the lessons I learned the hard way throughout the years.

Most of them are common knowledge, or cliché but I personally will be printing this list out and keeping it in my workspace as a daily reminder of how far I’ve actually come.

We’re quick to forget that every heartache and internal battle we face is there to teach us and help us grow into the best version of ourselves.

  1. Sometimes you are the one in the wrong. Acknowledge your own mistakes and the people your actions and words hurt.
  2. You’re allowed to scream. You’re allowed to cry. But you are not allowed to give up.
  3. People will make an effort if they care.
  4. Your feelings are valid.
  5. Those people that hurt you, only reminded you to up your standards.
  6. Speaking of which, your standards are not too high.
  7. Settling and putting aside your own thoughts and emotions only builds resentment.
  8. Grief will never go away.
  9. Make time for your loved ones – life is always going to be busy.
  10. Put in the effort – nobody said it was going to be easy.
  11. Make time for YOURSELF.
  12. It’s hard work to be comfortable with spending time alone with your thoughts.
  13. Daily self reflection and gratitude can open your eyes to the world around you.
  14. Count to ten.
  15. Pick and choose your battles – not everything has to be a fight.
  16. Your loved one’s are here to help you.
  17. They also, love you, FOR YOU.
  18. If someone is making you change for the worse – walk away.
  19. Stay true to your own light. Make time for things you love doing alone.
  20. Don’t dismiss other’s emotions – they are fighting their own demons.
  21. Patience and understanding can go a long way.
  22. Every moment in your life has made you into the person you are today. The good, the bad and the ugly.
  23. You have overcome every bad day thus far. You are not a failure.
  24. Faith over fear.
  25. Perfection doesn’t exist – sometimes doing things poorly is better than not doing it at all.
  26. You are human. Bad days, decisions and moments are going to happen. Don’t fight them. Live through them and learn.

I’ll end off with a bunch of FREE resources to get you tackling your chaos today. 

Always remember that you’re not alone, and we’re all in this battle of life. You are competent enough to face your turmoil head-on. You just gotta take the first step.

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This blog is a means of connecting and sharing experiences through grief and anxiety and how to manage at home during times of uncertainty. 

Please seek the advice and help you need from a medical professional in order to best tackle your own personal struggles and challenges. 

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