4 Ways To Overcome Blogger’s Block

Blogger’s Block happens to all of us. It’s more than just a writer’s block. It’s feeling stuck on every aspect of blogging. Engagement, Traffic, SEO, Social Media, Posts, Pics, Layout, Design, Fonts …

the list is literally never-ending.

Having recently launched a shop and have had an abundance of ideas a few weeks back I managed to throw a wrench into my stable blogging schedule. I began to miss what I had. I essentially took a step back and got a little lost along the way.

I stopped using my planner – put a pause on my daily essentials – knowing very well how important all of these things are to “calming my chaos”. After speaking with my husband, and opening up about how I miss that feeling I had a few weeks back when things were running smoothly, he gave me the courage I needed to get back into the zone.

I ran into the basement to grab my planner – that was just casually picking up dust in my workspace and got to work. I set my chair in front of my desk in my bedroom, opened up my planner to today’s date and the first thing I wrote was…

1.“Remember why you started!”

Go back to the beginning of your blogging journey and remember why you decided to start a blog in the first place. Make note of the feelings you felt receiving your first comment on the blog. The first time someone outside your family and friends messaged you – confirming that yes, in fact, you are doing something good for your soul. Write down goals for your blog -things you want to achieve in the next few days, weeks and months and begin to prep.

2. Organize your thoughts.

What topics do you want to cover in the next few weeks? Find the archetypes within your niche. Archetypes being: things that you mention or can talk about that are not entirely related to your niche but can help you get the point across.

For example – although my niche is ultimately anxiety relief and mental health, two of my go-to archetypes are the books I read or the adventures of being a new wife. Try to make a list of 9-12 things that you can always go back to. These are things that if I were to go on your Instagram, I could see or connect to within the first few pictures.

Keep this list close by in case you have no idea what to write about or topics to tackle. Seriously, taking the time to make a list of archetypes changed the game for me.

3. Plan your day out

Particularly important if you do not plan on publishing or posting a picture every day. My biggest piece of advice is to stick to some sort of organized schedule that works for you. Mine is through my planner. Each day I write my daily essentials and divide my space into three columns –

o What I need to write (posts, editing, batching content etc.)
o What I need to post (social media, stories, pins, tweets etc.)
o What I’m planning for the future (future topics, future promo’s, future collabs to think about)

Not only does this keep you consistent and on track but it helps ensure you meet your daily, weekly and monthly goals.

4. As discouraged as you may be feeling – do not give up on yourself.

Fight through the funk. You don’t give yourself enough credit. I promise it’s worth it. If you’re unhappy with your design or layouts – research and refurbish it. Be happy with the content you’re publishing. Treat every post as if it’s going to be the one that goes viral.

I personally spend at least a few hours a week, updating my old posts and making sure I’m happy with everything that I’m putting out there. Allow your creativity to flow and if that means re-launching your site – or deleting old posts and just starting fresh, then do it. There is no point in you not being 100% certain about what you’re putting out there.

At the end of the day, it’s inevitable to face a Blogger’s Block at least a few times a year. It’s a dreadful time, and it’s pretty hard to fight through but I believe in you. You may not see it yet, but I promise all of your creativity has not left your body. It’s still in there – you just gotta dig it out and dust it off a little.

If you find these tips useful, you should check out some of my FREE Worrying Worksheets – or better yet, grab my Self-Care Workbook, I give you guided insight into staying on top of your intentions and daily goals.

Let me know below what tips you use to overcome the Blogger’s Block! I would love to hear about a time you felt discouraged in your blogging journey and how you overcame it!


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8 thoughts on “4 Ways To Overcome Blogger’s Block

  1. Good advice. I think that most people do not understand that blogging is way more than just writing. It can be really overwhelming sometimes when you focus on everything you need to do. Like you said, planning out your day and just doing one thing at a time really helps.

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