On New Beginnings

On New Beginnings: “To Begin Is Enough – There Is A Boldness In Beginning”

Before I start this post, let me be so clear in saying that even if you aren’t trying new things or picking up new skills during this pandemic does not mean you’ve fallen behind or are not doing something good for yourself.

I myself have days where I am literally numb to everything and everyone.

Everything’s good, you’re doing great.

That being said I think it’s important to acknowledge new beginnings. Whether that’s establishing a new “normal” with the loss of a loved one, the loss of a relationship or beginning a new self-journey.

A new beginning for me was this blog. But it was also back in November waking up for the first time after my father passed away.

It was also applying for an exchange program back in 2014, or a master’s program abroad in 2016.

It was making the decision to start a long distance relationship and later the decision to move to Serbia and begin establishing a life together with my husband.

Beginnings are all around us.

For me travelling was a huge part of my life. I loved every experience. That’s not to say it was easy. It wasn’t. Fighting homesickness was so hard every time that I packed my bags and left. There were moments where I constantly asked myself:

“Why did I have this ambition to jump out of my comfort zone, why didn’t I just stay home and live the life I know.”

Ultimately, every experience brought with it ups and downs, new adventures, lots of laughter and scary terrifying moments where I felt like giving up. But I wouldn’t change any of it. I learned more in these moments than I ever could’ve staying in my comfort zone.

Consider your energy and use it wisely. Do not let fear stop you from achieving the things you desire. Imagine getting past the point of fear and saying:

“I stared at fear fully in the face and got through it and I’m ready to take anything else that life has to throw at me.”

Try to begin things you feel you can do. Whether that’s yoga in the morning, drinking more water or applying to your dream school or job. To begin is enough – there is a boldness in beginning. Recognize yourself as a force of nature to be reckoned with.

Never think that you have finished learning considering how vast and amazing the world is around us even when it feels small and isolated. Every moment is an ideal moment to begin a new chapter or adventure. Get used to a different way of looking at things because a change in perspective brings a whole new world of opportunity.

Remember that you can travel all over the world, but unless you have a receptive mind you might as well save your money and stay home. The further your journey takes you, the more danger you will encounter. But ultimately, the more you dare (particularly in self-journeys) the more you win.

Happiness leads none of us by the same route. Have gratitude in every moment and create your own beginnings.

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