“Tomorrow Is Not Promised”

“Tomorrow Is Not Promised”

Often used as my mother’s response to my saying I’ll wash the floors tomorrow, but none the less, the concept is the same. As this is my first post let’s start off with the life lesson that was drilled into my head from the beginning. Coming from a family of immigrants who fled war, one of the first things I was ever taught was that “tomorrow is not promised.

Even though I heard this constantly growing up I still had (sometimes continue to have) a hard time understanding its importance. I often procrastinate and it’s something that genuinely frustrates me. Something as simple as filling out my passport renewal form or all of the little details I left until the last minute for my wedding effectively added to my stress and worry.

This pandemic really puts this quote into perspective. In an instant our entire world was essentially put on hold and our everyday routines were thrown for a loop. Put aside the fact that I recently lost my father, who was easily my person. In a year I managed to have the best moment of my life (my marriage) and the worst (watching my father’s sickness take over him). So for obvious reasons I keep this quote in mind. I’m so grateful for every day I got to spend with my father, and every second we shared as a family particularly in the last few months of his life.

But now, during this self-isolation I’m also kicking myself for silly little things like not having sent in my passport forms (although I don’t plan on traveling any time soon) but it’s annoying that every time I sit at my desk I can see them looking at me almost with resentment that I haven’t finished something that is so easy to do. Obviously that’s a small and minor inconvenience in comparison to what people are currently going through today and my heart aches for everyone who is going through hardships and turmoil.

Personally, I get through the day keeping this quote (usually in my mother’s voice) in mind. Simple tasks, if I can, I accomplish right away and before starting any other tasks I prioritize using the question: “If something happens tomorrow and things are turned upside down will I be satisfied with what I did and how I did it?”. In circumstances of not being able to accomplish everything I want, I take a breather and plan things out. As silly as it sounds, having a plan, checking things off of my to-do list is so addictive. I literally love it.

But that’s just me, that’s how I function and stabilise my anxiety. It doesn’t always work that way for others. For example, my husband although completely understanding of it, laughs at my incessant planning for every situation and scenario. But I don’t blame him. Rather, it’s the opposite. We’ve had very different upbringings and the experiences he’s had in life have taught him to deal with things differently. In fact, his ability to deal with “worst-case scenarios” is awe inspiring.

Although we might be responding to it differently, I believe it’s vital to keep this lesson in mind. Call your parents, be with your loved ones, let the people you adore know they are appreciated and focus on what it is that helps you get through the day. Use everyday to your advantage. Live intentionally. Do something new, something you love, and maybe just fill out that form that’s been sitting on your desk for weeks.

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